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  Conceptdraw Presenter
Words from the company:
ConceptDraw Presenter is a presentation program with powerful drawing capabilities. It will help you to create professional presentations, interactive HTML pages and Flash presentations with minimal effort.

ConceptDraw Presenter is based on the ConceptDraw drawing engine, so it's perfect for presentations which include a lot of graphics - all sorts of diagrams, schemes, plans. All these drawings can be created without leaving ConceptDraw Presenter!

At your disposal are powerful tools for working with text and graphics. Nearly 2000 library objects will help to illustrate presentations on different topics.

Want to add some action? No problem! ConceptDraw Presenter offers 30 animation effects for individual objects and entire slides. In your disposal are also sound effects, captions, background page, speaker's notes and many other helpful features. Thanks to support for HTML with built-in Flash it's easy to put your presentation on the Web, with all animation effects and hyperlinks.

ConceptDraw Presenter works under Windows, Mac OS 9.x and OS X. All documents and libraries are compatible across platforms. Thanks to the uniform file format, in ConceptDraw Presenter you can work with documents made with other products of ConceptDraw Line, such as ConceptDraw or ConceptDraw MINDMAP.

The Review:
ConceptDraw Presenter is much along the lines of ConceptDraw V, except Presenter is a little older looking and does not have the fancy colored menus. Usage is the same as CDV, simple to use and menu system is clean and easy to find things. I did however find this program a lot more practical for everyday use than the ConceptDraw V, although it has fewer diagram templates.

Added features to Presenter are you can save your presentations in Power Point, Flash, HTML, and many other formats. You can also create animations for objects, captions, add sounds and background music and add speaker’s notes to each slide. Also has a wizard that quickly and easily sets up a presentation for you, including the style of presentation (Brainstorming Session, Training Seminar, Introducing a New Product, etc), background and Title of the presentation. All you have to do after this is add all the information into the presentation. I had no problems with the installation or any other part of this program.

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CS Odessa
Review Date: 2005-07-11
Reviewer: Alex Moulton
Rating: 10 out of 10
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