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  Take Out Weight Curling
It's the ultimate computer curling experience. A full 3D engine, with Multi Level Zoom, Pan and Rotate functions, bring an exciting visual feast to your eyes. Tons of gameplay features for every player, as authentic physics and Varying ice conditions bring a challenge to all skill levels, from beginner to pro. The novice won't be left out in the dark, as easy to learn control systems and an in-depth tutorial make the game accessible to curling Novices. Create Custom Teams to fit your skill level and style of play, and put them up against the computer, or online with Gamespy© multiplayer gaming.

A curling game for the PC! I have never seen one done before and was quite shocked when this one came upon my desk. Being a curling fan myself I was quite intrigued - I had to give this a go!

With five different game modes and three different game skill levels this sim can be enjoyed by even the most novice of curlers. Your curler is controlled by the moving the mouse back until your power meter reaches your desired 'weight' and essentially becomes your curler in the 'hack'. Varying ice speeds also adds an added dimension to the game. In three or four tries at a bonspiel I have yet to reach the championship - but I think I am almost ready to take it to the next level!

So you say you don't know anything about curling? Not a problem! The game has a great tutorial on not only the gameplay, but the rules and strategies of curling as well.

Well, the game although does have great 3d curlers and great gameplay graphics, it certainly won't win any awards for graphic or sound. But what the game lacks in graphics and sound is certainly made up for in realistic gameplay. Don't get me wrong, the graphics and sound are quite good, but the more diehard gamers may not be as impressed.

Something of very special note on this game is that it was designed entirely by Nathan Sorenson, a teenage Canadian high-school student, and was even showcased at the Independent Games Festival! This in itself makes the game all that much more worthy of it's support.

Die hard curlers must get this game! I can say that I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy many hours of great curling action this winter! At the low suggested retail price of under $20 you just can't go wrong!

"Hurry!" "Hurry!"

Review ID Number: 91
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Globalstar Software
Review Date: 2002-10-22
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 8 out of 10
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