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  Age of Sails 2: Privateer's Bounty
Naval combat makes its glorious return in Age of Sail II. Portraying real-time naval warfare with a 3-dimensional, realistic sailing and combat model, Age of Sail II accurately illustrates the mighty Fighting Ships from 1775 to 1820. Battle the great navies of 11 nations for supremacy on the high seas!

The installation requires a little over 550 megs of space, which normally isn't that bad. But, once getting into the game I noticed there was some features that I feel didn't really need to be installed. Therefore it would have been nice to have a custom install feature. Minor problem, perhaps more personal than anything.

- Captain the most memorable sailing ships in history! From the Constitution to the Victory and over a thousand ships in between. Over 1200 historical warships are represented, all beautifully rendered in meticulous 3-dimensional detail!
- Advance from Ensign all the way to Admiral of the fleet in both the American and British campaigns. Detailed, branching storylines reach around the world.
- Full floating 3D camera enables precision control of your fleet.
- Over 100 historical scenarios - from Copenhagen and the Battle of the Nile, to Trafalgar, Cape St. Vincent and Camperdown, just to name a few!
- Lush 3D Coastal Landscapes provide tactical obstacles and defensive havens. Reinforced Cannonry Forts serve as stalwart defenses - capable of bombarding the enemy into oblivion.
- Multiplayer Support for up to 16 players via LAN or over the internet.

The graphics on this game are simply one of the best and smoothest I have seen. There literally isn't an angle or distance that you can't view the action from. A lot of detail went into the graphics of this game, going right down to being able to see the crew running about on deck during battle. It's too bad that's where it stops to really impress me.

Don't get me wrong, the game is excellent and very well done. The realism is awesome as well, but in order to achieve this a lot of gameplay and interface issues were lost. Particularily if you have never played Age of Sails I. A couple of things really hit me first off in the first few minutes.

First there is no tutorial. Oh sure there is a test scenerio you can run with very easy opponents, but unless you know how to run the complexity of these ships in this sim, even the simplest modes are challenging. If not for the opponent, but for the challenge of just trying to figure out where everything is and what it does. The manual does touch on a few things, but not nearly enough for a first timer.

The second thing that hit me was the very slow pace of the game. Not that the game runs slow on the computer, but because its just a very slow action game. Perhaps it's a good thing and gives you time to explore the screen to search out all the buttons and controls. Having said that, there is a convenient slider control to speed up the process.

The detail that went into the game was very well done and obviously very well researched. The diehard history or naval combat buff will be in their glory with this Real-Time Comabt sim, however anything less and I can see the user becoming quite frustrated with the complexity of the game controls.

Review ID Number: 96
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Globalstar Software
Review Date: 2002-09-04
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 7 out of 10
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