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Shawn Sardy
Having been around computers from a very early age, I've experienced my fair share of technology upgrades. Starting out with a ColecoVision and a Commodore 64, I progressed through a Mac Classic phase, an Amiga 2000, and then eventually to a desktop PC. Now with a Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, and an AMD 64bit Dual-Core 4400+ with 2Gb of RAM, I can't even image how I got by with anything less. Currently, consoles are my gaming platform of choice, with Xbox being my favorite. I'll take a First-Person Shooter over any other genre, but I'll play anything once...

Shawn's Reviews
2001-04-19:    Shipwreckers!
2001-04-19:    G.Police
2001-04-19:    Wipe Out XL
2001-04-19:    Formula 1
2001-04-18:    CH Products Game Pad
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